• Something completely different ... that's life in the country!!

    Something completely different ... these are our beautiful wooden ducks ... i have always loved the old wooden duck decoys and decided to put my own spin on some ... so with a little help from a very talented carver friend this is the result ... they are not only beautiful, but every duck is individually hand carved and unique with their own little personalities ... we spent a long time developing the shapes ... then hand painted by me and the final touch that really brings them to life ... the glass eyes .. I love doing that final touch ... it is an exciting moment ... a little nerve wracking though as getting the eyes in the exact position is a bit tricky ... once the hole is drilled there is no going back and it is so important that they are positioned well ... nothing worse than a cross eyed duck.
    With some I have represented actual duck species and with others taken a little more liberty. There are many layers of paint required to achieve the subtle finishes that you can see, particularly on the mallards. As always ..there is great satisfaction in transforming a beautiful piece of wood in another form of beauty. Once all work is completed each duck is numbered and signed.
    They are the perfect decorative touch for any room and I often find people stroking them as they are very tactile and graceful in their shapes. There has always been something romantic about the duck decoys to me ... suggestions of another bygone and adventurous world.
    And the answer to an often asked question ... yes ... they do float, but in my opinion far too beautiful to leave out on the duck pond and far more suitable to reside indoors where they will be seen and appreciated ... definitely a decorative item!
                                                              Thanks to James for this great shot he took down by the river
    And an extra special addition to our collection ... black and whites ... these look stunning in either a simple black frame with an off white mount ... approx 100ml ... or dressed up with a more elaborate frame to provide a more dramatic, theatrical effect.
    If you would like your own hand-carved, individually signed and editioned, painted duck ...
    contact us at marian@marianrennie.com.au for availability.
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