• ... drawing Australian flora ...

    ... and my 'LITTLE GEMS' finally took me back to the way I used to draw as  child ... I loved detail and spent many years as an artist as I grew older ... freeing myself and my brush up so to speak ... and that has been a wonderful challenging undertaking for more years that I like to remember ... but I have been secretly loving the joys of detail again ... a closet detailer ... and paying homage to our beautiful Australian flora that can be found nowhere else on earth ... after all ... it takes something special to survive in the wilds of Australia ... also available as limited edition, archival reproductions ... www.marianrennie.com.au












    ... for so many years I have kept a daily sketchbook and often been asked to sell many of the pages ... for some crazy reason, pulling apart my sketchbooks is like pulling apart my life ... they are my visual diaries and I love them ... one day they will just be someone's dreams, but in the meantime I decided to do some small drawings from those sketchbooks ...

    It kind of took off and I just adore working with such a small format after talking to large canvasses for much of my artistic career ... 

    The end result ... my 'LITTLE GEMS' series and here are a few to give you an idea ... they are all available as archival, limited edition reproductions on 320gsm museum grade cotton rag paper ...

    The originals that are not already sold are also available ... that is until I decide I don't want to part with them ... something I tell myself every day that I must stop doing ... declutter marian!!!!


























  • MY environmental plea back in the 80's ... how far have we come is the question?

  • 'Recollections'

        ... before the crowds arrived ... what a wonderful opening night it was.     



  • 'My Week in the Sun' series

    My new found appreciation of the coastal calmness and tranquility is expressed through my 'Week in the Sun' series, a vibrant range of aquamarine, fresh nautical impressions. This range is somewhat different from my usual style, however as I indulge in the Gold Coast lifestyle more often than not this series has become my new found passion and lease on life.  


    My “Week in the Sun’ series offers originals artworks, reproductions framed and unframed, a growing range of homewares featuring coastal cushions which are 100% linen with duck feather inserts, placemats and coasters, 100% linen tea towels, greetings cards and a gorgeous jewellery range.



    This collection will capture the eye of anyone looking for a sense of calmness and tranquility in their life, people of any age who are looking for different things, home decorating, home nesting, the gift of giving, or simply somebody wanting to escape, this series takes the customer away on a journey to the sea, the nautical pieces take you back to enjoyable halcyon days.








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