• A Return to Storytelling..

    I am excited about my toe in the water return to storytelling … life has changed totally … after 25 years of painting I have returned to the surrounds of my childhood where is all began .. the open countryside has replaced the inner city … the colours are so different … the stories are new and exciting … painting has always been my first love … to be able to express every aspect of life on canvas … to be able to look back over the years and see the stories that I have told … this becomes the diary of my life … not in words … but pictures. A painting can bring back to life a past moment … windows over time I sometimes call them … an empty canvas is the beginning of a new journey … where will it take me … even though I begin with an idea ... the exciting part is that I never know where it will lead and what the final outcome will be … that is the journey of a painting until it stands on its own as a completed piece … that is a moment that I do not decide ... the painting does ..  often to live with someone else .. there are some that I cannot part with … they still live at home with me … but I do share them as reproductions!!
    Launching this website is another exciting step … a way to share these works with you and a way to keep telling the new stories as they develop ... it is not easy being an artist … it is soul-baring , economically precarious and ‘bloody hard work’… I was about seven when I first began my love affair with painting … I knew there was a lifetime of exploration on so many levels that would never run dry ... I will never stop painting … the passion is still there … the influences on my life have been diverse .. working in many areas of theatre and the arts over time … one of my favourite  quotes is  by U.S. philosopher Henry David Thoreau …   “most men live lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” It is a quote that reaffirms my chosen path.
    I would say to anyone with a dream that if you can push through the fear….you can live your dream and find your voice.
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