• Food and colour ... Some yummy pics from Rennies at Acheron

    As inspiring as painting is food ... and as much a part of every day life to be celebrated as it is something that we share so closely with those that are part of our lives and those that are close to our hearts ... another of my passions and much of my time is spent creating food that not only tastes great with little hidden surprises of flavour but is visually pleasing and exciting ... it is not that dissimilar to creating a working with paint ... with painting it is just a different pallete that I use.






    Food is so similar ... combing each different element until it hasthat sense of balance where each flavour harmonises ... become one ... as with painting ... enough of each colour to create the overall .. beginning with an empty space, an empty canvas ... culminating in a work of art that stands on it's own. The colours and patterns of food are another source of beauty and one that is so important when eating ... we eat with our eyes first .. we appreciate a painting with our eyes first!    









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