• Visuals of Renewal

    Some hot hot days here in Acheron and we are all on high brushfire alert .. waking this morning with a sense of unease rekindled the memories of that awful day ... Black Saturday in 2009 ... A day that I will never forget .. as cataclysmic fire on a scale that was far beyond our comprehension  ravaged this incredibly beautiful area .. The scars are still there both in the landscape and the people that suffered such huge loss and emotional trauma. I know I approach days like this differently now than I used to .. I know what can happen now .. Perhaps a loss of innocence.
    Immediately after the fires tho I could not help but be mesmerised by the flip side to total devastation and picked up the brush to record it. Those paintings became an exhibition and we're featured on the cover of the Bushfire Enquiry that followed.
    Strangely I don't look at them often .. Maybe too many memories .. But today drew me to them and back to the realisation that there was an inexplicable sense of beauty in that devastation that grew daily with recovery .. I was amazed at the process of renewal in nature and people
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