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Marian Rennie's emotional country is as vast as the continent. The controlled vibrancy of her colours give the paintings their power. She has absorbed the textures of the worlds she paints. Her experience of the outback, and prawn fishing in the deep north, give her images authenticity. Her interpretations of Australian life have a deep sensuality. Marian is immersed in the culture of the nation and her work is a manifestation of that. It is artists like her who continually renew the nation's awareness of itself.
Her celebration of life emerges from an understanding and transcendence of darker forces. The layers to be found in her work are myriad. She reappraises the objects of everyday, and releases from within them a mysterious and ominous element which normally passes unnoticed. She is aware of the joy and satisfaction that can be found in a room; a scene from a window that can take memory into the past.
Born into a large family of farmers Marian painted from the age of seven. It has been her sketchbook that has been her constant companion. Leaving school and family at eighteen she has kept a vast record of her interpretations of every aspect of our lives. Throughout that time she has honed her drafting and tonal skills which are now at their height. Marian has now relocated her studio and gallery from Williamstown to Acheron in Central Victoria. She has returned to the surrounds of her childhood and will continue painting there.
You can contact Marian at:
Marian Rennie Gallery
132 Breakaway Road
Acheron Victoria
Australia 3714
Phone +613 57721701
Mobile +61412 109 129

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