• The story of the rather large pineapple ....

    An interesting moment .. painting a commission is always a very different exercise than purely painting. .  It can be great as it takes me out of my comfort zone .. always a good thing I find .. and the challenge. .. to paint a pineapple. .. a rather large pineapple! It began slowly and then a visit from my less than two year old great nephew took it in a whole new direction .. I loved his recklessness with the brush .. I followed his lines and settled  them into the painting .. It was a little dark in the studio so had no idea what it would look like in the morning but was loving the freedom of expression and happy to go with it .  The next morning .. Wow .. together we  had really taken it somewhere else .. the wonderful moments that push our boundaries and create something new ... here are four stages of the pineapple ... and in a week or so the finished painting ... which will also be available as a reproduction as soon as the finishing touches have been applied ... by me!!!




  • A Return to Storytelling..

    I am excited about my toe in the water return to storytelling … life has changed totally … after 25 years of painting I have returned to the surrounds of my childhood where is all began .. the open countryside has replaced the inner city … the colours are so different … the stories are new and exciting … painting has always been my first love … to be able to express every aspect of life on canvas … to be able to look back over the years and see the stories that I have told … this becomes the diary of my life … not in words … but pictures. A painting can bring back to life a past moment … windows over time I sometimes call them … an empty canvas is the beginning of a new journey … where will it take me … even though I begin with an idea ... the exciting part is that I never know where it will lead and what the final outcome will be … that is the journey of a painting until it stands on its own as a completed piece … that is a moment that I do not decide ... the painting does ..  often to live with someone else .. there are some that I cannot part with … they still live at home with me … but I do share them as reproductions!!
    Launching this website is another exciting step … a way to share these works with you and a way to keep telling the new stories as they develop ... it is not easy being an artist … it is soul-baring , economically precarious and ‘bloody hard work’… I was about seven when I first began my love affair with painting … I knew there was a lifetime of exploration on so many levels that would never run dry ... I will never stop painting … the passion is still there … the influences on my life have been diverse .. working in many areas of theatre and the arts over time … one of my favourite  quotes is  by U.S. philosopher Henry David Thoreau …   “most men live lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” It is a quote that reaffirms my chosen path.
    I would say to anyone with a dream that if you can push through the fear….you can live your dream and find your voice.

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