• The story of the rather large pineapple ....

    An interesting moment .. painting a commission is always a very different exercise than purely painting. .  It can be great as it takes me out of my comfort zone .. always a good thing I find .. and the challenge. .. to paint a pineapple. .. a rather large pineapple! It began slowly and then a visit from my less than two year old great nephew took it in a whole new direction .. I loved his recklessness with the brush .. I followed his lines and settled  them into the painting .. It was a little dark in the studio so had no idea what it would look like in the morning but was loving the freedom of expression and happy to go with it .  The next morning .. Wow .. together we  had really taken it somewhere else .. the wonderful moments that push our boundaries and create something new ... here are four stages of the pineapple ... and in a week or so the finished painting ... which will also be available as a reproduction as soon as the finishing touches have been applied ... by me!!!




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